14 Sep 2010

new home.

In the first week of my new home;
  • I broke the shower head at my flat and nearly flooded the place - there was water on all four walls and the ceiling and floor of the bathroom...was fairly intense.
  • Nearly was attacked by a crazy bearded tattooed carny looking man in a bank as I was innocently trying to open an account.
  • Ran into the one person I knew in the entire city while in the supermarket on a Saturday night while purchasing laxatives - must have been the acclimatising to the new home and whatnot - threw my body out of kilter.
  • Was scolded by my elderly neighbour about the weeds in my front 'garden', which consists of barely a 30cm x 1.5m strip in front of our porch and is currently filled mostly with wild mint.
A little on the lonely side and wondering how to make friends in a new place. This is not something I have struggled with in the past. It is end of season for winter sports and summer leagues haven't started and I am yet to find a cool club/hobby to pursue in order to make some companions. Its pretty quiet and there is only so much loitering at the mall you can do with no money before they think you are homeless and escort you out. Hoping that an amazing job will come along really soon so I can meet some neat fun friends.

Tips and tricks to make friends in a new place as an adult? anyone? please!



8 Sep 2010

lions, tigers and bears oh my!

My new home is full of adventures that's for sure.

1) yesterday I was running in the forest and accidentally stood on a huge snake! No I am not kidding - thought I was going to die. It was about a metre and a half long and as thick as my arm and I just wasn't looking for it, I guess it just isn't in my realm of understanding. I think I screamed the forest down and bolted home after it slid away into the bushes...sooo lucky.

2) So I thought I should really learn the law of the land and some basic first aid for the native flora and fauna after aforementioned snake incident. I decided to cycle to the mall to buy a book on Australian wildlife and got attacked by magpies. Seriously, Bird Strike is no laughing matter. It was scarier than the bloody snake. Same day even - you wouldn't read about it, think I should've bought a lotto ticket!

3) Have had kangaroo steak and kebabs, which were very very nice much to my surprise. I think when you have really low expectations and anticipate an unpleasant experience you usually surprise yourself.

4) Have also been bitten by ants, mosquitoes bigger than depicted on Land of the Lost and Jurassic Park and had a run in with a large lizard at the beach.

5) Finally, last week after running in the sun followed by job hunting in inappropriate attire and high heels, not enough water and too much walking I got heatstroke. Result was not pretty. 31oC for goodness sake and it is only the first week of Spring!

So many adventures in my new land, have been told to retreat to my homeland where it is safe but this fearless adventurer will soldier on...albeit after learning about envenomation compression bandages!

In a while crocodile (probably literally)