8 May 2011

Engineering Happiness

Tis' amazing how the quality of the people that you work with can miraculously change your outlook on going to work.
While my workplace is a battlefield of personality-less engineers on a testosterone rampage for the title of biggest ego, there are a handful of merry humans which fall into the category of "real people" and essentially make life cool. Whilst a minority, we band together like a gang of freedom fighters looking to overturn the evil tyrants who rule over us. What do they do to Engineers at university to drain all laughter and life out of them? Do they put them through "Negativity and Pessimism 101" or were they like that before becoming certified bad guys? 
This small rebellious troupe of scallywags, rascals, hooligans, rougues and ruffians cling to principles of joyousness - never working a minute longer than is absolutely necessary, ensuring "site inspections" and "field work" at the local cafe are undertaken at regular intervals and preaching work-life balance from the rooftops.
Finding these kindred spirits has turned the cell that is my workplace into a carnival.