11 Apr 2010

fashion faux pa

Having never been one fussed about dressing to impress in the workplace, I am far more interested in promotion and acknowledgement based on merit rather than looking like I'm more important than I am, and blatant arse kissing. Although I work in a professional consultancy, our regional office is known to be fairly relaxed when it comes to dress. Don't get me wrong, I am not about to wear my pyjamas to work, but it wouldnt be uncommon to see me in tidy casual attire.
Unfortunately, I seem to take it to the next level in completely inappropriate circumstances; two instances in particular spring to mind;
  1. Regional Office Manager calls an unexpected meeting on a Monday after a rather eventful weekend. I am looking decidedly ratty and tired, no make up and realise I still am sporting chipped black cheap hooker nail polish that gives to added sense I must have been taking alot of drugs, raving and consequently spent a night in a gutter somewhere before crawling to work that morning. He also decided to invite the President of a national professional institute for my industry.
  2. The CEO of our 2000+ employee multinational company decides to pop in and personally congratulate me on a Charity event I ran in the previous weekend and had worked for many months organising. I had chosen this particular day to only work a couple of hours in the morning and take the rest of the day in leiu of the weekend I has just missed out on. Justifiably I was dressed in trackpants (with a hole in the knee from the very first volleyball training I ever wore them to several years ago), an old stained T-Shirt, no makeup, jandals, and my hair was in a frightful state of frizz (think Einstein then electrocute him). We chatted for about 15 minutes and it seemed to go very well, so I am praying that he simply thought I was "down to earth" and in keeping with the "relaxed office vibe".
Oh well. Hopefully, I can set a new trend and challenge my superiors preconcieved judgements about the way people look and how they actually perform! I just have to work harder.

In the words of REM " Oooh Life."