19 Aug 2010

So long, Farewell, aufweidersehen, Goodni-ight.

So I sit here eating my last freddo frog at my clean desk waiting for something to arrive in my empty inbox in my final hour of work. I’m not a particularly emotional or nostalgic person when it comes to work, but this job and the people here really have been such a blessing. I will struggle to find a new one that competes I think.

I never before realized how exhausting a departure can be. I am shattered and I haven’t even left yet. I guess your body is much more aware of and sensitive to your subconscious emotional state than you realise.

Provided obligatory morning tea shout to about 80 people out of the 250 at my company. Well, in honesty my grandmother did most of the work and did a SUPERB job. The aim here is to impress people so much with a memorable spread that they forget any bad things you did and will fail to remember them should they ever need to provide a reference in the future.

Also got given a novelty sized goodbye card. Possibly one of the highlights of my year…I have wanted one ever since I was a little kid and now this dream has been realised. And it was definitely as good as I had imagined!
Just erecting a “CK waz here 08-10” sign above my empty desk which has an awesome view over the harbour which I will certainly miss.

Onward hearty adventurers.